Fruit Sale

Just in time for the Holidays!
The Coopersville FFA members work very hard to raise the money it takes to make our students have a great experience at Coopersville High School. However, there are still financial needs in our group program. This year the group needs new supplies and we are planning a trip to next years National Convention in Louisville. Other expenses will need to assist with the cost of Leadership, Ag skills and many other contests.

If you would like to help out, you can. We are having our annual fruit sale and this year, we’ve taken our sale online! By purchasing some fresh, delicious fruit, you will aid us in defraying the many costs associated with running a top-notch group program. Just click the link below to log on to our group fruit sale website.

The deadline for ordering fruit with a credit card online is 11/25/2012. If you would still like to order fruit after that date, please contact the group at 997-3534. A member or the fruit sale chairperson will be assigned to your order. All sales after the 11/25/2012 deadline must be paid by check or cash only to member at the time of delivery.

Thank you for supporting our organization! Enjoy our high quality sale and the freshness of Florida.

Citrus and Pineapples
Large Boxes: Navel Oranges, Juice Oranges, or Grapefruits ~ 38lbs – $25.00
Small Boxes: Navel Oranges, Juice Oranges, or Grapefruits ~ 18lbs – $17.50
Large Box: Tangelos ~ 38lbs – $24.00
Small Box: Tangelos ~ 18lbs – $16.50
Small Box: Sunburst Tangerine ~ 18lbs – $19.75
Bag of Navel oranges ~ 10lbs – $14.50
Bag of Grapefruit ~ 10lbs – $14.50
Golden Pineapples ~ 12lbs – $18.00

Apples and Pears
Large Box: Anjou Pears ~ 38lbs – $48.00
Small Box: Anjou Pears ~ 20lbs – $30.00
Larger Box: Red Delicious Apples ~ 38lbs – $48.00
Small Box: Red Delicious Apples ~ 20lbs – $30.00

Samplers and Mixed Boxes
2 Way Mix (Grapefruits and Navels) ~ 22lbs – $21.50
Orange Sampler (Navels, Tangelos, Tangerines, Red Navels) ~ 14lbs – $21.50
Trio Box (Navels, Pears, apples) ~ 20lbs – $27.00
Citrus Mix Box (Navels, Grapefruit, Tangelos) ~ 20lbs – $21.50
Fresh Fruit Sampler (Navels, Apples, Pears, Tangerines) ~ 14lbs – $21.50
Appel Sampler (Red Del, gold Del, Granny, Gala) ~ 14lbs – $22.50
Apple and Pear Sampler (Red Del, Gold Del, Anjou Pears) ~ 14lbs – $21.50

Contact the following to place an order.

Noah Schoenborn 881-4953
Nate Gieske 405-9874
Ryan Wolgamott 403-4202
Raynah Rollenhagen 460-7440
Kendra Keegstra 485-3251
Morgan McDonald 885-2190
Justin Beckman 843-5330
Jordan Peltier 947-2037
Joey Bell 819-0725
Claire Zahm 481-7889
School (Direct) 997-3534

Thank you for your support!

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