Botany Class tours Local Greenhouse producer


The Botany class from Coopersville High School was recently able to tour Hortech Industries of Spring Lake, located on M-104. Students were given the Tour by Mr Chris Howe who has been with the company for approximately 30 years. He is shown here speaking to the class about transplanting techniques and marketing aspects of the business. He also showed them the propagation area and explained the LiveWall and LiveRoof divisions of the company. Their firm is highly engaged in showing property owners how to reduce operation costs like heating and cooling by using living plants to act as living pieces of insulation that add to the profits of a company. They also provide displays inside companies/businesses that can be living pieces of art as well as clean the air and environment.  You can see some of their work locally at the Grand Rapids Downtown Marketplace. Thank you to Hortech for the chance to tour with them.