Field Plot / Land Lab Update

The Land Lab is making great progress and growing very well. A big thanks goes out to K and H Grain for all their work. The Wheat looks to be ready soon and Members and Alumni will be harvesting Straw as well. Thanks to Kevin Schoenborn and Bernie Roossinck for their efforts as well with members in conducting Twilight Land lab lessons for our members. Also thanks to Christine and Herb Zahm for providing refreshments and serving as chaperones. Watch for future updates.

Aug. 1st – Thanks to member Darren Kulicamp for heading up the Straw baling team last week. Also a BIG Thank you to Grandpa Kulicamp for allowing the use of equipment! Members will try their hand at marketing the straw during the course of the school year. The wheat was harvested and we will report shortly on how it yielded.