January Meeting Minutes

January 12th, 2015

-Meeting was called to order at 8:35PM

-Secretary’s Minutes were read by Christina

-Treasurer’s Report: $1697.31 in the treasury, and the $351 bill was paid for the rodeo during national convention

Old Business

– Winter Euchre Tournament: Tim and Lisa Rosel have offered to host again this year, and a Friday or Saturday night would work best. Galen will contact them with two weekends to choose from; the 6/7 or 20/21 of February as possible dates. Rich Creager will be contacted for organizing tables and chairs, snacks and pop will be provided, and people can bring their own beverage as well. The prizes are gift cards picked up by Christina and will be as follows: 1st place will receive a $50 Meijer gift card, 2nd place will receive a $30 Speedway gift card, 3rd place will receive a $20 Family Fare gift card, and the last place will receive a $10 Champs gift card.

– Land-Lab Sign: Matt Hehl talked to Hersh Electric and they are willing to dig the holes and set the poles for the sign. We need to provide the poles and ten bags of concrete for each post. They normally get their lumber from Ravenna Lumber. Galen Rosel volunteered to contact Ravenna Lumber to see what our options are for sign posts. We are thinking that they need to be 10 feet out of the ground, so a 14 foot post should be sufficient. Kevin Wieringa will look into any sign ordinances that might have an effect on this project. The students will have a few designs for the sign by the February meeting so we can get everything to come together in time for spring.

– February 4th District Leadership Contests: This year, districts will be held at Coopersville, so volunteers are needed to oversee the food and help on the day of the event. Six judges will be needed from Coopersville, Mr. Bollinger will be calling Adam Kantrovich, Rich Creager, several Lindbergs, Katie Courtade, Katie Link from Greenstone, and others for volunteer judges. The food provided to everyone will consist of cookies from Delly Belly Bakery, apples from an area orchard, and lemonade. Tinna Gieske will be asked to oversee the food for everyone. Melissa Bouchard will be in charge of a meal for the Coopersville students, subs were suggested.

New Business

– Membership, Dues, and Roster: Christina and Christine will meet sometime to go over the roster to clean up our mailing list.

– Regional Leadership Contests: Regionals will be held February 18th in Lowell. The Alumni needs to decide on a meal for our kids, more to come on this at the February meeting when we will know how many students will be participating.

– Current Student Needs in Chapter: Mr. Bollinger says everything is going well, there are no current needs.

– Nominations for Vice President and Secretary: Galen has volunteered to call Derek Hecksel, the Lindbergs, and any others he can think of to ask if they would be interested in holding office.

Other Business

– FFA Week is coming up, Mary Willcome suggested using of Ipads from Farm Bureau that have farm games on them to use during the week.

– Next meeting will be February 9th, 2015

– Meeting adjourned at 9:40PM


Alumni Secretary

Christina Hehl