Regional Results

Congratulations to the regional contestants:


Job Interview: James Brown in 2nd place, receiving a gold award.

Parliamentary Procedure Team: Chase Bos, Cassie Perrin, Maddie Rosel, Justin Beckman, Noah Schoenborn, and Brendan Knauf in 2nd place, receiving a gold award.

Greenhand Conduct of Meeting: Beka, McDonald, Heather Johnson, Mckinze Knuth, Jessica Zahm, Autumn VanDonkelaar, Isabelle Hoebeke, and Ben Lown in 1st place, receiving a gold award.

All three are qualified for state at Michigan State University on Marth 5th, 6th, and 7th.

One thought on “Regional Results

  1. Excellent work at Regional. All 4 going on!!! Mr Butcher will be in on sunday. No whining. Time to get serious! You can do it.

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