November 27th Alumni Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report – $915 in the treasury, with no liabilities still to be paid.

Thank You notes were received from the organizers of the Coopersville Summerfest, as well as from the student who won Novice Showmanship for Hogs at the Berlin Fair this summer. The plaque for that event was donated by the Alumni.

A $50 budget was set to create and send Thank You notes to all of the sponsors of the Coopersville FFA and Alumni

Burnips Equipment offers FFA/New Holland themed apparel. See the flyer in the Ag room, or stop in to Burnips to order.

It was identified that a regular meeting schedule is needed in order to ensure continuity and allow for easier planning. It was decided to hold meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month each February, June, August, and November at 8pm. The June and August meetings will be held in the High School Ag room, while the February and November meetings will be held in an adjacent room while the Chapter holds its meeting in the Ag room.

Leaders were identified for different areas of support within the Alumni, much like there was last year. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, feel free to contact these people directly. These leaders are as follows:

Student Applications – Bill Miller
Student Contest Prep – Dan Wieringa
Student Contest Food – Christine Zahm
Please feel free to suggest other areas of opportunity.

Last year’s Euchre tournament was a success we are hoping to replicate. It will be held on a Friday in either late February or early March. If you are interested in being a part of organizing this event, please contact Kevin Wieringa.

Elections for Vice President and Secretary will take place at the February meeting. If you are interested in learning more about either position, please contact anybody on the current officer team.

Chapter News:

Fruit sale is now complete, and went very well, with over $4000 in sales.

Coopersville will be hosting District Leadership Contests on January 30th. There will be a strong need for volunteers that afternoon and evening. To find out how you can help, contact Kent Bollinger.

Kevin Wieringa attended a state workshop in early November to learn more about the new roster format as a part of the Ag Career Network. This system goes into effect this coming year. Also discussed at the workshop was the availability of numerous scholarships through the State and National FFA Alumni that are available to our students.

Member dues for 2013 will be due by March 31st, 2013. It was approved to keep the local surcharge on annual dues at $5, and to extend that local fee to lifetime members. The new dues structure for 2013:

Annual Membership – $25 ($10 to National, $10 to State, $5 to local)
Lifetime Membership –  $150 onetime payment to National
$5 annual payment to Local

Don’t forget to visit on a regular basis for updates from both the Alumni and the Chapter. Feel free to offer suggestions to help improve this new communication tool.