2013-2014 Officer Team

The votes are in! The 2013-2014 Officer Team has been selected! There are four officers from last years team returning, and we have three new officers.

The team is: President Noah Schoenborn

1st Vice President Claire Zahm

2nd Vice President Chase Bos

Secretary Cassie Perrin

Treasurer Jordan Peltier

Reporter Maddie Rosel

Sentinel Joe Bell

Congratulations goes out to the new team and good luck with this upcoming year!



Farm Museum Volunteer Oppertunity

The Coopersville Farm Museum is in need of volunteers! They need volunteers for the petting zoo. The petting zoo will take place each Saturday in April from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. It will take place indoors and the volunteers are given lunch, usually pizza or hot dogs. They are having goats April 6th and 13th and possibly a calf on April 13th and 27th. If you have done this in the past the set up is the same. If you are interested then please contact Kate at (616) 997-8555. Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.

State Convention

The results from State are in! The Chapter had a demonstration team go down, and they did a great job. The team finished 3rd in the State, and earned a Silver Award with their demonstration of “From Cow to Cup.” The middle school also had a State qualifying team with their Green-hand Conduct of Meeting. They also finished 4th in State with a Silver Award. A big congratulations go out to both teams, good job you guys! The Chapter also had two juniors earn their Outstanding Junior Awards and had four seniors earn their State Degrees. The Chapter’s delegates were Claire Zahm and James Brown. Those two helped in electing the new State officer team. Overall, State Convention was a success for the Chapter, and everyone is looking forward to next year.

The Middle School Green-Hand Conduct of Meetings Team in action.

Demo Team showing off their hardware they earned at State.

The Chapter enjoying State Convention.

The Outstanding Junior Award recipients: Noah Schoenborn and Joe Bell.

Degree & Award Recipients

The following people are going to receive the State Degree on Thursday March 7th.

Raynah Rollenhagen, Nate Gieske, Kendra Keegstra, and Morgan McDonald.

The following individuals are going to receive the Outstanding Junior Award on Wednesday March 6th.

Noah Schoenborn and Joe Bell.

Congratulations to all of them.


Regional Contest Results

The Regional contest results are in! Noah Schoenborn, Raynah Rollenhagen, and Kendra Keegstra received a Gold Award, finished 2nd overall, and are going on to State Contests for demonstration. Myles Clifford received a Silver Award and finished 3rd overall, and is first alternate to State Contests. The Parli Pro team of Maddie Rosel, Brendan Knauf, Chase Bos, Jordan Peltier, Connor Maki, and James Brown all received a Silver Award and finished 5th overall. So, congratulations to everyone and good luck to Demo team moving on to State Contests. State Contests are being held at Michigan State University on March 6th.

Tab Drive Update

Right now the Chapter is trying to collect the pop can tabs just as it always does this time of year. Last year we got 50 pounds of tabs, and this year we’re trying to double that and get 100 pounds of tabs! This drive is going on between October 5, 2012 and March 6th, 2013. If you have any tabs that you are willing to donate then please call (616) 997-3534 drop them off in Mr. Bollinger’s room B-117. Thank you.

Wilbur-Ellis Field Plot

This summer 6 members attended the Wilbur-Ellis Field Day near Grant, Michigan. Our members assisted with parking and participated in the workshops. Thank you to Kevin Schoenborn and all the folks at Wilbur-Ellis. In the picture you will see those members who attended.