Students compete at Regional Contests

We had a great group of HIgh School and Middle School students that competed on February 15th at Lowell High School. The Parliamentary Procedure team received Gold and placed first. The Conduct of Meetings team from the High School received Gold and finished third. The 2 Middle school Conduct of Meetings teams received Gold awards and placed first and second. They will both, along with the Parli Pro team compete at State Contests on March 8 and 9th in East Lansing. Also competing at State will be Middle School speaker Jack Kluting, who received Gold and placed first at Regionals. Braden Johnson from the Middle School received a Silver award and placed fourth at Regionals. Congratulations to all who competed.


Bowling Recreation

Members recently held a recreational event at Ravenna Bowl to get a break from the winter Doldrums and preparational rigors of Leadership contests. Members enjoyed an afternoon of Pizza, bowling and a chance to relax. While no one was able to brag about their 300 game, a fun time was still held by all.

Pictured above are a number of those who were able to attend. Thanks to Ravenna Bowl for hosting us and providing us with such a good event.


Students process new Piglets

IMG_20170106_153508849 (2) IMG_20170106_153523408 (2)

Members recently processed the new piglets that we had last week by clipping tails, giving Iron shots, Spraying iodine to navels and notching their ears. Shown here are members Amiya Twork, Reese Watson, Tyler Rozema, Andrea Serba and Darren Kulicamp. A follow up dose of Iron will be administered. The litters are doing well with all 30 that were born being active and showing signs of good growth.

Chapter has Successful Deliveries


This year the chapter invested in 2 Bred Sows from the Michigan State University Swine Research Farm. The first litter born on January 4th was from a cross of a Yorkshire Sow and a Hampshire Boar. She delivered 18 live with one that was unable to thrive (and was lost). The second litter was born on January 5th with the help of a few students, she successfully delivered 14 live babies. Many of these 30+ piglets will hopefully be shown this summer at the Berlin Fair by members of our chapter and other 4H Clubs. The Zoology classes and select members will be responsible for the care of these piglets until they are weaned and possibly beyond for a short time.


Local news article that featured School Land Lab

There was recently an article featured on WZZM News that showed the Coopersville Alumni and FFA Chapter Land Laboratory. The Laboratory is located on 54 acres to the North of the Middle School building off of Cleveland Avenue. Thank you to all those who help make it possible. The link to the article is located below:

A huge Thank You to Langeland Farms for harvesting the Corn this fall.

Please enjoy the article!



FFA Jacket Awarded

Thanks to Syngenta Corporation and our Local supporters, Trevor Clayton of Syngenta and Kevin Schoenborn of Wilbur-Ellis. Our chapter was chosen to receive a free FFA Jacket to Award to a member at the discretion of the chapter. This year the FFA Officer team selected Freshman Tyler Davis as the recipient. Tyler was quite active in the Middle School FFA and had been to all of our High School meetings early in the year already. The chapter will also receive a scholarship check from Syngenta to help pay for program costs. Pictured here are Beka McDonald, Darren Kulicamp, Tyler Davis, Andrea Serba and Jessica Zahm. Thanks to Syngenta!


Botany Class tours Local Greenhouse producer


The Botany class from Coopersville High School was recently able to tour Hortech Industries of Spring Lake, located on M-104. Students were given the Tour by Mr Chris Howe who has been with the company for approximately 30 years. He is shown here speaking to the class about transplanting techniques and marketing aspects of the business. He also showed them the propagation area and explained the LiveWall and LiveRoof divisions of the company. Their firm is highly engaged in showing property owners how to reduce operation costs like heating and cooling by using living plants to act as living pieces of insulation that add to the profits of a company. They also provide displays inside companies/businesses that can be living pieces of art as well as clean the air and environment.  You can see some of their work locally at the Grand Rapids Downtown Marketplace. Thank you to Hortech for the chance to tour with them.

Broiler Contest participants do well

img_20161103_145953310 img_20161103_160853067_hdr img_20161103_150428768_hdr

Nine members of the Chapter attended the State Broiler contest in Fowlerville on November 3rd. They each took 3-5 of the Broiler chickens that they produced for evaluation by Dr Kaercher with the MSU Animal Science department. They were evaluated for Weight, Uniformity, Muscling and multiple aspects of record keeping that was submitted in a final report by each entry. The contest was held over a 3 day period with over 400 entries from around the state. Jossilyn Maycroft received a Gold award for her entry and the Chapter received a Silver Award. We would like to thank Mrs Christine Zahm for helping as a chaperone as well.

October Chapter Recreation


img_20161028_203215336 img_15811

Members had a fun time out carving pumpkins, drinking cider, eating hot dogs and relaxing by the fire recently at Advisor, Kent Bollingers house. Pictured here you can see some of the creations that were designed and cut out. The pumpkin to the right was created by Reese Watson and really knocked everyone over with its great amount of detail. Nice Job Reese. The chapter will hold its monthly meeting on November 14th at 7:30 pm in Mr Bollingers classroom (B117) at the High School. All new and old members are welcome. On the agenda we will be discussing, the Annual Citrus Sale fundraiser, Broiler contest results, Santa Parade in Coopersville and lots of other projects. See you then.

National Convention 2016

Thirteen members attended National FFA Convention in Indianapolis on October 18-21st. The Greenhand Conduct of Meetings team took 16th place. This was the fifth year of the contest and next year will be completly vested as a full national competition. Our members attended business sessions, workshops and the Career Expo with over 400 Universities and colleges. There were also more than 300 Ag related companies with displays about future careers in Agricultural sciences and many related fields for our students to strive for in the future. We also toured Connor Prairie Farm and museum which is located north of Indianapolis. Members saw a working farm from the mid 19th century with numerous historical components. We would like to thank our Parents and chaperones who went along with us, they included Christy Rozema, Jenni DeVos, Maria Kober and Karla Twork.


img_20161020_140155566 img_20161021_103332419